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Sex & Relationships

three baskets in a row

Why Everyone Needs a Boyfriend Basket

cloclo echavarria

Take a Look Inside This Colombian Dream Wedding

the author and her wife at their wedding holding hands

Something Old, Something New

hannah berner

Why I Chose to Marry a Zaddy⁠—And You Should, Too

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marriage retreats

How Much Would You Spend to Save Your Marriage?

a hand and dead flowers reaching out of a book

Confessions of a Perpetually Single Woman

a painting of two women near a window

Your New Best Friend? Your Ex's Ex

collage of photos including a woman's face

The Femcel Revolution

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goop's new double sided vibrator

Goop Releases Its First Vibrator


Zoom Sex in the Age of Anxiety

i broke up with my boyfriend because he wouldn't wear a mask

No Mask, No Girlfriend

couples voting 2020

How Three Couples Are Navigating the 2020 Election

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